Uniform Policy

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Uniform shirts (polo) must be purchased through the school, maybe purchased online at RC Uniforms, or at their physical location on Beach Blvd. You can click on the link here to go to their online store.

Bottoms may be purchased at any retailer as long as the requirements are met as described in the stated policy. Bottoms may be long khaki pants or long khaki shorts without cargo pockets. There may be no rips or tears in the pants/shorts. No jeans or khaki pants made of denim are allowed. Pants or shorts must be worn at waist level.

Ladies may wear shorts or skorts of appropriate fingertip length or longer as long as they are khaki.

No visible piercings, other than modest earrings. No hats are to be worn inside the building unless approval has been granted by administration.

No hair dye, unless it is a natural color, is to be worn.