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San Jose’s curriculum and program are designed to ease students from a traditional school environment into a learning environment that includes digital instruction, one-on-one learning and mentoring. All San Jose courses are aligned to State Standards include instructional modules, practice and application activities, embedded assessment, and formal assessment. Our students enjoy lessons and activities that provide interactive learning, rich media, opportunities for collaborative learning, and non-graded self assessments. San Jose’s extensive use of online curriculum is based on today’s students’ preference for using computers for work and fun – and research indicates technology is an integral part of learning.

While digital curriculum provides the basis of learning for core courses, a blended model is used overall. Students receive direct instruction, work individually and in small groups with certified teachers to discuss course content, remediate and relearn difficult concepts, and review/revise written work. This blended model allows students to work on individualized pathways through required courses and not miss any instructional time while participating in the Professional Internship Program.

The rigor of the academic portion of a San Jose education prepares students to pass the Reading, Writing, Mathematics, and Science portions of the state assessments on the first attempt.

Individualized Learning

Do outdated teaching tools and methods sometimes leave you bored and disinterested? San Jose uses the Apex Learning Academic Curriculum. These dynamic online tools were first created in 1997 by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. Now they’re being used by over a million students in 4,000 school districts. With Apex Learning, students are encouraged to explore further and think critically. It’s a rich, in-depth learning experience that uses video, animation, audio and interactivity to raise student achievement. Plus integrated assessments (tests) are built in so students can always gauge their progress and move ahead at their own pace.

The new book, "Disrupting Class" discusses key elements of the San Jose education model and indicates that this will be how education is done in the future. The book describes individualized learning and specifically discusses the digital curriculum that we use at San Jose.

Professional Internship Program

San Jose Schools provides students a college preparatory education and real world experience through its unique Professional Internship work-study program. This program provides additional resources to the school. Our Internship program exposes the student to a “real-world” work environment that broadens their horizons and encourages them to set high goals for themselves. The program prepares them for post-high school experiences including choosing a college and a career. Through this experience, our students develop into hard-working young adults with bright futures ahead.

The program also benefits the companies that choose to participate, our sponsor companies. Having a student nearby affords employees a chance to share their expertise and to really make a difference. The San Jose Schools opportunity is an exciting one for everyone involved – the eager student, the bright employee and the community at-large.

Our schools develop well-rounded students and our company sponsors are provided a chance to make a real difference through a disciplined approach to social entrepreneurship. Additionally, corporate sponsors typically choose to continue a student’s employment through the summer months. That hard work pays off as most students continue on to a collegiate education after participating in similar work study programs.

Employees who have participated in the program attest to the enjoyment that comes from the mentor experience provided by the work-study program, and they often form lasting, mutually beneficial professional relationships with their students.

The San Jose experience is a unique chance for professionals to get involved with their industry’s next generation, and to make a difference in the future of its students, helping them to realize their dreams

Sample Schedule

The following is an example of a typical week for a San Jose student, Mia Kelly, who is a tenth grader:

Mia Kelly, arrives at school at 7:30 a.m. to check in with the Employability Specialist before driving to her Professional Internship Program at the Austin and Williams Marketing Agency.

Upon arriving at the Austin and Williams Marketing Agency at 8:00 a.m., Mia checks in with her supervisor, who provides her with the weekly overview for the job Mia shares with four other students. They then discuss her assignment for the day.

Mia completes her assigned tasks, which consist of compiling research data into a spreadsheet and creating bar and pie graphs based on the data in Microsoft Excel. She attends a weekly staff meeting and reads and responds to interoffice emails using Microsoft Outlook. In the early afternoon, Mia meets with her Austin and Williams Marketing Agency supervisor and her San Jose Employability Specialist to discuss her progress as an intern. They review the goals that were set by the group last month and set new goals for this month.

At 4:00 p.m., Mia returns to San Jose and then goes home for the day.

Tuesday through Friday
Mia works on the following courses in the Academic Labs in the morning beginning at 7:30 a.m. Each course is completed in the Academic Lab that corresponds to the core content area—English Language Arts courses are completed in the English Language Arts Lab, Science courses are completed in the Science Lab, Mathematics courses are completed in the Mathematics Lab, etc. She works through each course at an individualized pace with the assistance of a certified content area teacher, who provides instruction, mentoring and tutoring as needed. While she works at an individualized pace, due dates are set for milestones within each course to ensure that she completes all courses by the end of the school year.